What's your number?

QuantFlaunt is an all-in-one library and visualization tool for your curated information
offline and across the web

See the forest for the trees

QuantFlaunt helps you see the big picture by tracking as much or as little information as you want. Import your activity throughout social media, your hobbies during everyday life, or anything else that defines you

1 - Curated Social Identity

Are you more than your day job? No matter what you do to pay the bills, QuantFlaunt lets you import all your restaurant reviews, blog posts, and consumed items. It's time to share the real you.

2 - Busy Offline Life

Whether you're a starving artist or a venture capitalist, everyone has a hobby. Now, you can keep track of not only what you do with your time, but also the big picture these activities make up.

3 - None of the Above

Everyone's QuantFlaunt number is different, and that's ok. You decide your identity, not an algorithm. So create a representative number that weighs every activity as equal.

Who uses QuantFlaunt?

The simple answer: anyone who wants an identity

John Roberts

A recent art school graduate, John wants to build his brand and find his dream job. Looking to visually display his work and accomplishments, John uses QuantFlaunt to combine his portfolio and freelance jobs with personal interests, resulting in one number that has everyone talking.

Angelica Fuller

A prolific blogger with thousands of followers reading her posts and reviews, Angelica can oftentimes forget what social media site she is active on, and to what degree. Through QuantFlaunt's social media aggregation, Angelica can find all her information, all in one place.

Peter Jane

Peter gave up the 9 to 5 grind to focus on what matters: himself. By tracking his record purchases, along with his eye rolls and yawns, Peter can let everyone know what he's all about, and not the other way around.

Data Tracking

Determine your own activity value and quantify your identity metrics.

Angelica's Data

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Number Visualization

Share and compare your representative number

John's Number