MVC Framework Overkill

Multiply by 666 is an application that multiplies a whole number by 666. While this was originally an exercise in unit testing using QUnit and tape, the project turned in an exercise in MV* framework overkill. There are four versions of the application: vanilla (jQuery), Backbone, Knockout, and Angular. The application is relatively simple, with only a handful of functions, but it illustrates the overhead involved with JavaScript frameworks and demonstrates that one size does not fit all.

Obviously, if Multiply by 666 was a larger project, then breaking up logic and data is important. But I think this was a good exercise in framework and boilerplate avoidance, or at least knowing the right tool for the job. Similar to the theme of this project, haphazardly applying frameworks to every task can cause headaches and the tendency to see red.

  • Visit the application here
  • Read more about the development and test case creation here
  • See the other versions of the project on GitHub